At Coramoon, we offer unique and high quality products inspired by the elements of nature. You can find many elements like sun, moon, stars, forest and animals on our clothings, like a combination of nature and appeal.

We love nature, so all of our pieces are ethically made with eco-friendly materials. We select fabric that doesn’t harm the natural environment and the fabric itself is so lasting that can be used for years. Also, we will donate 1% of our annual revenue to the Environment Protection Department (EPD).

We take pride on our products, so please take good care of our clothes, love it or send it back. There are 99 years before we become a century-old brand. Hope you will like our brand and enjoy shopping in Coramoon.


Customer Service Email:

No.43 Yiju Street, Nanzhou Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, China

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