The correct way to wash cotton blend clothes:

1. Cotton clothes can be machine washed or hand washed. Because cotton has poor elasticity, try to be gentle when washing to avoid deformation.
Do not rub vigorously when washing by hand, just pinch and wash gently. After washing, rinse thoroughly with cold water.
When machine washing, choose rinse or gentle cycle, and the dehydration process should not take too long.
2. Cotton fabrics are best washed in cold water to maintain their original color.
Except for white cotton fabrics, it is best not to use detergents or washing powders rich in bleaching ingredients for other colored shirts. To avoid discoloration, do not pour washing powder directly on cotton fabrics to avoid partial discoloration.
3. Light-colored and white pure cotton clothes will have better washing and decontamination effects after being soaked for 1 to 2 hours. Do not soak dark colors for too long and wash them in time to avoid fading. Add a spoonful of salt to the water to prevent the clothes from fading.
4. It is recommended to use acidic detergents (such as soap) to achieve neutralization. It would be better if you use a pure cotton-specific detergent. In addition, summer clothes must be washed and changed frequently so that sweat will not remain on the clothes for too long.
5. When the clothes are washed and drained, you should fold them up and squeeze out a lot of water or wrap them in a towel to squeeze out the water. Do not twist them hard to prevent the clothes from losing their shape. Do not drip dry, as this will cause the clothes to lose their shape excessively after drying.
6. Except for white fabrics, do not expose them to the sun to avoid accelerated oxidation of cotton fabrics due to exposure, thereby reducing the service life of the clothes and causing fading and yellowing. If you want to dry the clothes in the sun, it is recommended to dry the clothes inside out.

The advantages of cotton fabrics are easy warmth, softness and close fit, hygroscopicity and excellent breathability. Cotton fiber is a porous material, the internal molecules are arranged very irregularly, and the molecules contain a large number of hydrophilic structures.

Good warmth retention: Cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat, and the inner cavity of cotton fiber is filled with inactive air.
Comfortable to wear: no static electricity, good breathability, anti-allergic, easy to clean.

However, because cotton fiber has weak elasticity and poor wrinkle resistance, clothing easily wrinkles during wearing and washing. Slightly ironing or using a spray bottle with a small amount of water to dry naturally can also achieve the wrinkle removal effect.


1. Clean and fold flat. Store it in a dry wooden wardrobe, keep it dry, and put some camphor balls/dehumidification bags appropriately.

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