The raw material of the cotton blended fabric chosen by Coramoon is Egyptian long-staple cotton. We understand that customers have higher breathability and softness needs for our clothing fabrics, so we spent up to 12 months looking for high-quality cotton blend fabrics and supply channels that are suitable for us. In July 2023, we completed the upgrade of cotton blended fabrics.

The fiber quality of Egyptian cotton is very good. The fibers are thin and long, soft and smooth, comfortable to the touch, high in strength, good in hygroscopicity, wear-resistant, and not easy to pill. Therefore, it is known as the "Rolls Royce of cotton". The characteristics of Egyptian cotton fabric are long pile (fiber length exceeds 31.8 mm), rich silk luster, tough texture and good dyeing effect. That's why Coramoon chooses this fabric as our cotton blend raw material.

 We can guarantee that our cotton is grown purely naturally, and no non-environmentally friendly additives are added during the production process. The clothes produced are soft and skin-friendly, and do not contain any harmful substances to the human body. We hope that all Coramoon users can experience and enjoy clothes made of high-quality fabrics at reasonable prices. At present, some of our products have completed fabric upgrades. When purchasing, please pay attention to the fabric ingredient list on our product page.

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