The Chinese New Year is coming. Many thanks to our customers for accompanying Coramoon for another year. All members of Coramoon would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our customers.

The Chinese New Year holiday from 2.08-2.16 is a time for us to rest and return home to be with our families. All fabric markets will be closed during this period, and tailors will return to their homes to reunite with their families. So we will also stop shipping during the period of 2.08-2.16. But don't worry, all the orders you place will be shipped out after 2024.2.16. Most of the clothes in our store are in stock, please rest assured to place your order. A few clothes are out of stock during this time period, please pay attention to the delivery time displayed on our product page, we will ensure that it will be back in stock and ship out within the displayed time.

For all packages that are delayed due to the Chinese New Year holiday, we will send our small gifts as compensation. We hope our valued customers can understand us, and I hope you and your family can have a happy new year. Thank you so much!


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